Simply stated, Solomon Wilkins has the knowledge, skills and experience to help you transform your organization. He is an engaging personality and one of the most highly-sought-after college and corporate speakers in the country! For the last 10 years, he’s worked in Corporate America in a variety of capacities including corporate recruiting and leadership development. Solomon went from designing curriculum that was focused on recruiting college graduates, to designing and facilitating training programs for front line level leaders all the way up to VP’s. Helping students interview for and land their dream jobs and helping organizations and corporations increase employee engagement and retention is what Solomon’s most passionate about. Solomon’s unique college and corporate experience is an advantage most speakers just don’t have. In addition to his work experience, Solomon has interviewed hundreds of successful business leaders on topics including business strategy, leadership and career success.

Drawing from his own personal leadership struggles in the beginning of his career, the absence of his biological father and the tragic murder of his “real father,” Solomon skillfully weaves his compelling life story into the fabric of our daily lives. Solomon’s life is a great example of the fact that you don’t have to come from a great background to live a great life.


Most college students graduate between four to five years, but it took Solomon seven. Like most students, Solomon didn’t have any direction and focus. This ultimately landed him on academic probation, where he was offered two options. One, stay in college and give up his last year of basketball eligibility, or two, take a year off from school and get reevaluated after one year. This reality changed Solomon’s perspective and he decided to give up his basketball eligibility and focus on his academics. Solomon is a firm believer in the fact that, “education changes situations,” and because of that he’s in the process of wrapping up his Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership with plans to pursue his Ed. D in Education in the fall, 2017. Once again, his story is a testament to the fact that you don’t have to come from a great background to live a great life.

Solomon’s passion and high-energy motivates audiences to step out of their limiting beliefs and into their greatness. His commitment to personal-and-professional development has helped students prepare for and land jobs immediately after college and he’s successfully helped corporate leaders interview and promote! Solomon has spent years studying what works and what doesn’t work, so you, your students and/or your team doesn’t have to!

Most people ask, how does a kid from Oakland, California, whose father was killed in a drive by shooting and who was labeled with ADHD in high school end up graduating from college, working in Corporate America, and starting his own company? Solomon’s answer to that is, “I was determined and persistence and I had a strong belief in my ability to change the course of my life based on my actions!”

Solomon is committed to developing a generation of career minded leaders who have the knowledge, skill and will to positively impact their communities!

Educators agree “We recently had a career fair and there were over 50 employers on campus. By applying some of Solomon’s principles, we had 16 of our senior’s successfully interview and receive job offers. The fact that all of these students used Solomon’s principles speaks volumes to the program he’s developed. Now, I have a list of students asking for Solomon to come back so they can learn how to land their dream job once they graduate. Solomon’s programs has literally transformed our organization for the better!”

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