Freshman Orientation / Student Leadership Conferences / Career Workshops

“I’ve been around for a long time and I have never watched a speaker
connect with our students like Solomon. As long as I’m the Student Life
Director, Solomon will be our speaker!”
– Stephanie J., Student Life Director
University of Phoenix

Whether they’re college freshmen trying to get acclimated to the pressures of college life, or college seniors preparing to enter the “real world,” Solomon’s
programs are designed to help students successfully transition to the next phase of their lives. Solomon is a speaker that helps students make sense of who they are,
where they are and where they’re headed. In this program, he shares his very personal story of how he found himself on academic probation because of the anxieties and
stresses of everyday life as a college student.

All of Solomon’s programs can be designed as one hour events or half/all day workshops.

Overcoming Adversity

Length: 60 to 90 Minutes or Half Day Training

One of the questions Solomon is always asked is, “How did you overcome growing up on welfare, your dad dying, being labeled with ADHD in high school and being on
academic probation in college, to becoming an author, graduating college, working in Corporate America and starting your own business?” In this program, Solomon breaks down the
three very specific techniques he used to overcome adversity in his life! Even if you and the people in your organization don’t have a background as challenging as Solomon’s,
we all have daily obstacles to overcome! This program was designed with one purpose in mind; to help you and the people in your organization overcome adversity!

Your leaders will learn:

  • The three techniques Solomon used to overcome adversity
  • How to take a step back and assess each adverse experience to determine what to do next
  • How to use the ‘two perspective’ approach to every adverse situation
  • How to turn each adverse experience into a learning opportunity
  • How to NOT use the adverse experience as an opportunity to make excuses
  • And much, much more

Start Strong Finish Stronger (Presentation for Freshmen Orientation or First Year Experience)

This Program is GUARANTEED to Empower College Freshman get off to a Fast Start
Designed for College Freshman Orientations | Length: 60 Minutes or Half Day Workshop


In this high energy, power packed program, Solomon shares stories of how he struggled during his freshman year of College, not because he wasn’t smart, but because he didn’t
have a recipe for success. Your students will leave this presentation with an action plan in place that they can always refer to if and when they find themselves struggling
during their freshman year of College.

“This program was designed with one purpose in mind. To help your students start college strong, and finish college stronger!”
Your students will learn:

  • The “secret recipe” that all the “smart students” use to help them get off to a fast start in College
  • The number one mistake that most college freshman make and how they can avoid it
  • How to design a class schedule that will maximize learning and minimize distractions
  • The key to building successful alliances with students, professors and the career center

It’s Your Future, Act Like It (Career Program)

Workshop: Designed for College Students | Length: 60 Minutes or Half Day

There’s hundreds of “speakers” out there, but how do you know if you’ve picked the right one, especially for a
career program? For the last 10 years, and in addition to
speaking for some of the world’s biggest corporations, Solomon has worked in Corporate America in a variety of
capacities including corporate recruiting and leadership development. In this dynamic and interactive program, Solomon
challenges students to own their future by taking massive action! Solomon went from designing curriculum that was focused on recruiting college graduates, to
designing and facilitating training programs for corporate leaders. Not only does he understand what it takes for college students to land their dream job,
but he also understands what they need to do to get promoted once they’re there. To say Solomon knows what corporations and organizations
are looking for in college students is an understatement. This knowledge and experience is something must career speakers just don’t have.


Your students will learn:

  • The 3 mistakes over 80% of college students make when applying for jobs and how they can avoid them
  • How to use the career center to land a job before they even graduate
  • How to create an irresistible social media brand that will have organizations and corporations recruiting them
  • 10 tips on what to do if they just absolutely can’t find a job
  • And much, much more…

You Really Only Live Once

Designed for College Students | Length: 45-60 Minute Keynote


Why Are You Here? (Black History Month Presentation)

If you asked your students that question, what would be their answer? Are you interested in having a presentation that engages your students in conversation that promotes diversity and inclusion? What about a program that reduces racial tension and increases campus collaboration?

What about a program that helps your students connect their ideas to the ideas of some of our worlds greatest past and present leaders?

This is not just some boring history program, this is an engaging, thought provoking program that will inspire your students and help them move closer to their purpose in life.

In this program, we help your students become the best version of themselves by empowering them to be more engaged citizens on campus, in their careers and ultimately in their communities!

Your students will leave this program with an action plan in place that helps them uncover the answer to the question, “Why are you here?”

Elevate YOUR Student Leadership Today

Designed for College Student Leaders | Length: 60 Minutes or Half Day Workshop

Ordinary students become extraordinary leaders when they serve the people they lead. Based on Solomon’s best-selling book, ‘Elevate Your Student Leadership,’ this program educates, engages and empowers student leaders to Motivate and Value People; to Maximize their Value as People (Leaders) and to effectively establish a Mission and a Vision for every Project. Your students will leave this program with an increased sense of
commitment, compassion, courage and community! Students usually wait in line long after the program just to talk to and connect with Solomon Your students will learn:

  • Techniques to move students to action by moving them with emotion
  • How to avoid making the biggest mistake that most student leaders make
  • How to empower the students they lead to be servant leaders
  • Why it’s critically important to incorporate Solomon’s 4-C concept for the success of their organization! The 4 C’s are Commitment, Compassion, Courage and Community
  • How to connect with students as individuals, before they connect with them in a group
  • The keys to leaving any organization “different” and “better” than when they joined

Why Should We Hire You?

Solomon has literally never interviewed for a job and didn’t receive a job offer. His results are a direct result of two things. One, he’s studied interviewing techniques for over 10 years, which makes him an interview expert and two, he does so much research on the company beforehand, that he literally knows what questions they’re going to ask before they ask them. But where does he go to get this information (And no, it’s not just their website)? At the end of the day, yes, your education is important and yes, your work
experience is valuable, but if aren’t adequately prepared for the job interview, you will be unemployed for a very long time!

Built upon Solomon’s corporate experience as a college recruiter and interviewer (he’s interviewed over 200 fresh out of college graduates), this workshop will teach students how to:

  • Customize their resumes to be more attractive to employers
  • Appeal to every interviewer by using the “Closing Power Statement”
  • What to do in an interview (that interviewers love) that 90% of students never do
  • Use the Alumni Association to secure an internship and a job before they graduate
  • Avoid the biggest mistake that most collegestudents make when interviewing

To bring this workshop to your college, community or organization, contact Solomon Wilkins International at (888) 613-6660 or by email

Customized Programs

If your organization has a specific topic that you’d like Solomon to present on, we can customize a program specifically for your needs.