High School

“He captured their attention and the students were so engaged that they
asked him to come speak at our graduation. He is the best speaker we have
had and I highly recommend him to come speak to your students!”
– Candace Boran, College and Career Counselor
Thurgood Marshall High School, San Francisco, CA

Overcoming Adversity

Length: 60 to 90 Minutes or Half Day Training

One of the questions Solomon is always asked is, “How did you overcome growing up on welfare, your dad dying, being labeled with ADHD in high school and being on
academic probation in college, to becoming an author, graduating college, working in Corporate America and starting your own business?” In this program, Solomon breaks down the three very specific
techniques he used to overcome adversity in his life! Even if you and the people in your organization don’t have a background as challenging as Solomon’s, we all have daily obstacles to overcome! This
program was designed with one purpose in mind; to help you and the people in your organization overcome adversity!

Your leaders will learn:

  • The three techniques Solomon used to overcome adversity
  • How to take a step back and assess each adverse experience to determine what to do next
  • How to use the ‘two perspective’ approach to every adverse situation
  • How to turn each adverse experience into a learning opportunity
  • How to NOT use the adverse experience as an opportunity to make excuses
  • And much, much more

Why Are You Here? (Black History Month Presentation)

If you asked your students that question, what would be their answer? Are you interested in having a presentation that engages your students in conversation that promotes diversity and inclusion? What about a program that reduces racial tension and increases campus collaboration?

What about a program that helps your students connect their ideas to the ideas of some of our worlds greatest past and present leaders?

This is not just some boring history program, this is an engaging, thought provoking program that will inspire your students and help them move closer to their purpose in life.

In this program, we help your students become the best version of themselves by empowering them to be more engaged citizens on campus, in their careers and ultimately in their communities!

Your students will leave this program with an action plan in place that helps them uncover the answer to the question, “Why are you here?”


Students hang out with him long after his
events to connect with him, to get their
books signed and to ask questions
about life.

Your Past Does Not Define You (Good or Bad)

Designed for High School Students | Length: 45-60 Minutes or Half Day Workshop

This is the program that separates Solomon from any other speaker. Solomon has studied student success for years and in his research, he’s found that students who come from challenging backgrounds often use that as the reason why they’re not successful. And students who come from great backgrounds often lack motivation because they’re confident their parents will take care of them. At some point, your students may feel uncomfortable, but in this funny, yet very personal program, Solomon shares stories from his background that helps students connect the dots between their past, their present and their future. At the end of the day, Solomon teaches students that, “The outcome from your life is what you make it!” Solomon is one of the few speakers that sends a video to the school he’s speaking at, so
he can connect with the students in advance. Students often wait around long after the event to have Solomon
autograph his book and to talk with him. If your school has a specific topic that you’d like Solomon to present on, we can customize a program specifically for your needs.

“Since he’s left our school, I’ve had students email me and come to my office requesting we bring him back to speak at our graduation. Because of that, we brought him back to speak at our graduation. What I’ve noticed about Solomon is he really knows how to connect with students by meeting them exactly where they are!” – J. Shumpert., N.Y.


Tired of boring speakers that talk “at”
your students. Well, not only does
Solomon connect with students, he
engages them in relevant activities that
provoke thought and laughter.

Connecting Through Character

Designed for High School Students and Student Leaders | Length: 45 Minute Keynote or 1.5 Hour

Solomon grew up in an environment where character was not a trait people mentioned as important. It wasn’t until Solomon was in college and found himself on academic probation that he realized the importance of character. Once he realized that, he was able to connect with people through his character and he’s been on a progressive life path ever since.

In this program, Solomon takes his audiences on an emotional roller coaster of pain and purpose, as they reflect on who they are, where they are and where they want to be. In this message, Solomon connects with his audiences by teaching them about the ABC’s of life: attitude, behavior and character.

Just like the image to the right, Solomon gets personal about his own life and shares challenges he faced growing up, including how he dealt with his father being killed in a drive by shooting when he was nine years old, being labeled with ADHD as a high school sophomore and having one of his best friends steal his high school sweetheart when he went off to college. Not only does he share these stories, but he talks about how he overcame each one of them.
“I’ve never seen a speaker connect with our students like Solomon did. I had heard a lot about his programs, but take my word for it, you have to experience this guy for yourself. He literally made our students laugh and cry all in the same program!” – K. Walton., CO.


Solomon has a gift and his gift is
connecting with young people. When he
talks about some of the obstacles he’s
overcome to make it in life, students are
so focused, you can hear a pin drop, no
matter how big the audience.

Stop and Think?

Designed for High School Students | Length: 45-60 Minute Keynote or Half Day Workshop

In this thought provoking program, Solomon challenges students to do one simple thing before they make what could amount to a life changing decision. Solomon challenges students to, “Stop and Think!” Students engage in thought provoking activities filled with humor and drama designed to stimulate their minds and challenge the way they make decisions.

Solomon has been invited to speak at hundreds of High School Assemblies, Scholarship Awards Banquets, Leadership Conferences, Graduation Ceremonies and Keynote Addresses. He engages students in thought provoking conversation that challenges them to, “Stop and Think.” As students converse with each other about the pressures of being
spontaneous (which doesn’t support, stop and think), Solomon strategically gets students to “Connect Through
Character,” by realizing that, “You Really Only Live Once” and “Your Past Does Not Define You!”

This is Solomon’s way of tying all of his programs into one amazing event! He always stays around after the event to take pictures, autograph his book and to listen to whatever issues and concerns students may have. Teens confide in Solomon with issues they don’t tell their closest friends. Solomon understands that he’s viewed as a role model and this is a privilege he does not take lightly.

Solomon’s programs are always tailored to the school he’s connecting with. If you need a program tailored based on a specific theme, all he needs is advance notice. This is your opportunity to bring Solomon Wilkins to your next school assembly, don’t miss the opportunity to do so.


Student engagement is one of the keys
to ensure students take action on what
Solomon is teaching!

Customized Programs

If your school has a specific topic that you’d like Solomon to present on, we can customize a program specifically
for your needs.