Middle School

“His ability to connect with students is unparalleled. As long as I’m the principal, we’re bringing him back.” – Jeffrey Taylor, Fricke Middle School, Oakland, CA

Today in the United States, nearly nine million students attend public “middle schools” — schools that serve as an intermediary phase between elementary school and high school, typically consisting of grades 6-8. The middle school years represent a critical time for young teens. Middle schools have been blamed for the increase in student
behavior problems and cited as the cause of teens’ alienation, disengagement from school, and low achievement.

Many middle school teachers do not have a major, minor, or certification in the subjects they teach or training in the development of young adolescents. It doesn’t mean that they’re not effective, but developing young people is critical to the success of our country!

Overcoming Adversity

Length: 60 to 90 Minutes or Half Day Training

One of the questions Solomon is always asked is, “How did you overcome growing up on welfare, your dad dying, being labeled with ADHD in high school and being on
academic probation in college, to becoming an author, graduating college, working in Corporate America and starting your own business?” In this program, Solomon breaks down the three very specific techniques he used to overcome adversity in his life! Even if you and the people in your organization don’t have a background as challenging as Solomon’s, we all have daily obstacles to overcome! This program was designed with one purpose in mind; to help you and the people in your organization overcome adversity!

Your leaders will learn:

  • The three techniques Solomon used to overcome adversity
  • How to take a step back and assess each adverse experience to determine what to do next
  • How to use the ‘two perspective’ approach to every adverse situation
  • How to turn each adverse experience into a learning opportunity
  • How to NOT use the adverse experience as an opportunity to make excuses
  • And much, much more

Reality Check

Solomon’s “Reality Check” message is tailored for middle school assemblies and he ensures that his message is always age appropriate!

Designed for Middle School Students | Length: 45-60 Minutes or Half Day Workshop


This motivational middle school assembly will take your students on a journey of self-discovery. This program was designed to teach your students about character, confidence and choices, to name a few. Solomon draws on his middle school experience when his father was killed and he felt lost. Your students will leave this program inspired, with a greater respect and appreciation for their parents, their families and their communities! Solomon will share three ideas that are critical to everyday success in middle schools:

  • Laugh
  • Understand Your Reality
  • Be Thankful

Together We’re Better (Parent/Back to School Night)

Designed for Middle School Parent/Back to School Night | Length: 45-60 Minute Workshop


Solomon consults with teachers all the time, and most of them do a tremendous job of overcoming adversity, doubt, and a lack of parental support. Most teachers do their best to address the often-conflicting social-emotional needs of students all while meeting the expectations of parents and administrators. But what does it look like when there isn’t enough parental support? How can teachers, administrators and parents align their personal and professional agendas for the long-term success of students?

In this passionate and purposeful parent night program, Solomon teaches parents how to support teachers, and he teaches teachers how to engage parents when parents don’t have the means to make it to the school for parent night.

As parents and guardians who support school communities, we have the power to honor the people teaching our kids by taking action that supports their efforts. In addition to that, this program outlines specific activities that parents and students can do together at home to promote, family, collaboration and teamwork. These three topics are critically important to a harmonious and successful parent/teacher relationship:

  • How to Support and Appreciate Your Child’s Teacher
  • How to Support Parents Who May not Have The Resources to Make it to School
  • How to Communicate For the Success of the Student

Solomon will connect with your students individually and collectively to deliver a motivational message like no other. Whether its workshops or school assemblies, your students will walk away realizing the importance of their family, their friends and their future. Solomon will encourage them to be responsible, work hard and have character.

In addition to workshops and assemblies, Solomon will work with your student leaders in a small group before or after the event in a very interactive session to help them connect with and lead their peers. Student leaders are engaged and grateful as Solomon shares stories about how he struggled as a young leader until he realized “The Platinum Rule.”


The End Result:

Students love Solomon because he’s able to connect with and meet them where they are. All of Solomon’s programs can be tailored to a specific theme with a minimum of one week’s notice. If you’re looking for an opportunity to transform the lives of your students, don’t hesitate to bring Solomon to your school.

Customized Programs

If your school has a specific topic that you’d like Solomon to present on, we can customize a program specifically for your needs.